Top 6 Neuro marketing Psychological Techniques For Reading Your Customer’s Mind

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You probably experienced such a situation when the advertising costs exceeded your profits, and it suddenly turned out that there was no demand for a good product. At such moments, you really want to get inside the heads of consumers and read their minds – why do they make certain decisions?

In fact, this is possible. And if it is possible, there are some secrets to make your site more efficient.

Now we will share with you the top 6 neuromarketing techniques and concepts!

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  1. Create an artificial scarcity of goods

The current generation wants to get goods that are actively being bought up. You’ve probably come across landing pages that had a virtual counter installed; this counter counts the units of the “purchased” product in real-time.

The seller might have hundreds of goods in the warehouse, but potential customers should know that the number of products is limited. In this case a counter on your website works better than hypnosis! This principle is used by many online stores and reputable sites because it really helps to increase conversion.

Due to the large assortment, the “AliExpress” company implemented the concept of artificial scarcity of goods with the help of the “Hot” section. There is a time counter and an anchor effect technique is used.

Adding a countdown timer that shows the time remaining until the end of the promotion also gives a great effect!

  1. Use the anchoring effect

The human brain has to store a lot of information, so it creates a kind of anchor. Marketers use this property of human memory to sell things more successfully.

It works like this:

  • a person visits the online store;
  • he chooses jeans and sees that they cost $500;
  • then, the visitor sees a pop-up window: “Special offer for this pair of jeans: buy for only $200!”;
  • the buyer realizes that the price has been reduced by 2.5 times and happily makes the purchase.

A person sees only the price that was originally indicated and does not even suspect that it is simply too high. Such anchors force millions of people around the world to make decisions to purchase goods.

One more thing: your customers visit dozens of sites every day, so if a competitor’s site has a price tag of $60 for a pair of socks, then you should set a slightly higher price on your site, then show that it has decreased to $58.

  1. Evoke a sense of duty in customer

Aggressive advertising, which forces the customer to subscribe to the store, like something or buy, may cause a lot of negative emotions.

Buyers do not want to make targeted actions that are useless from their point of view, receiving insignificant gifts for that. Therefore, the store owner or marketer must collect information about the target audience and understand what these folks want to get just for nothing.

For example, if you sell cosmetics or perfumes, then give customers product samples, if you sell software, and then give them the opportunity to test the program for a certain time for free.

  1. Door-in-the-face concept

Psychologists have proven that the customer is able to purchase cheaper products if they are offered after showing him some expensive products.

It works like this:

  • the customer is offered to purchase a VIP-certificate for procedures in the famous cosmetology studio for $200;
  • these services are quite expensive for the customer, and he is about to refuse, although he is interested in getting the certificate;
  • then, you make him a new proposal: “Buy a certificate for manicure and massage in this studio for only $35!”;
  • more than 50% of customers will agree to make a purchase!

Such a tool for increasing conversion can be used by online stores with any assortment, the main thing is to choose the right expensive and cheap products/services.

  1. Use the bait effect

This technique is also based on the differences between prices and the benefits of a product. Consider the example of glasses with lemonade:

  • a large glass of 300 ml costs $0.65;
  • a medium glass of 200 ml costs $0.59;
  • a small glass of 150 ml costs $0.46.

Most customers will buy just the large one because the ratio of volume and price for this offer is the most favorable. When selling goods or services, it is important to create a “middle cell” that will close the gap of too high and low prices – this is a cheap product A, a product of the middle price category B (the one you want to sell), and a very expensive product C.

The customer will see that product A is unpresentable, C is too expensive, so he will focus on products from price category B. Of course, the choice of strategy depends on the goods and services that you are selling.

  1. Point at customer’s problems and then offer some help

The scheme of the method is as follows: you point at customer’s problems or shortcomings, and then you recommend him trying some goods/services in a kindly manner. This method is often used by companies involved in the creation of personal diets, fitness training, cosmetics stores and many others.

To convince the client that he needs your product, you need to bring him to pass the test or get advice, for example:

  • “choose the type of your figure, enter the height and weight, and we will select the effective diet”;
  • “indicate what type of skin you have, what problems bother you, and we will develop a unique program for the treatment of acne/rash, etc.”;
  • “enter your date of birth and the date of birth of your partner to check compatibility/gender of the child/get an astrological forecast”.

Your offer will look convincing, and the conversion may increase by several times! Photo by Micha? Parzuchowski on Unsplash

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