How mobile apps help in increasing the efficiency of different industries?

How Mobile Apps Help in Increasing the Efficiency

Mobile app development has come a long way in the last couple of years. The rising competition in business among all industries has led to the execution of smart strategies to earn an advantage over others in the field. Technology plays the role of a catalyst in providing efficient solutions to industries.

The sector of app development is blossoming faster than Jack’s beanstalk. These mobile apps are essential in lifting brand names and boosting revenue graphs. The additional features provided by the development of these apps include customer relationship management, easier communications, and enhanced visibility. However, the primary reason why each business invests in the development of their app is because of increasing sales and boosting the core business activities.

According to research, in 2016 around 90% of organizations have increased their investments in prospective app ideas. Regardless of size, every business can proficiently promote their business and provide essential information to their target audience about deals and special offers. Consumers are satisfied by the convenience offered by business apps, and service providers have found a more natural channel to interact with their customer base.

From educational apps like Khan Academy to food delivery apps like Food Panda, from social media apps like  Instagram to dating apps like Tinder, every industry is making use of the abundant opportunities provided by the development of mobile applications.

Here is a review of how the use of mobile applications has helped in increasing efficiency in the leading industries all over the globe.

Information Technology

To successfully attract other industries towards the charms of technology, the IT industry itself needs to be at the zenith of innovation and show futuristic advantages of investment in the said field. The majority of software designers flawlessly execute the changing landscape of commerce in the world, aided by the latest developments in the world of mobile applications.

The use of apps as portfolios and other information for contact and references. Whether your work solves the customer’s problems or you aim to empower other industries, robust mobile applications can help you deliver the best services.


The present age has made access to education affordable, convenient and mobile. Online learning is one of the most popular trends in the education industry that has helped enhance student’s interest in education and improved understanding capabilities. A considerable number of schools, colleges and universities have their apps that provide students with a forum to collaborate with teachers and fellow students as well.

Learning modules and notes become accessible to students from all over the world. Video-based learning with the help of customized software is gaining popularity due to its capability to reduce distance-based constraints on educationists and students. The personalization of education helps students in erasing geographical boundaries. Investments in the infrastructure of educational apps can help change lives all around the world.


There are more than a hundred thousand applications available for smartphones and tablets in the field of healthcare and fitness. Estimates said that the healthcare mobile app development would reach a market size of over $26 billion by 2017. Around one-fifth of the total mobile using population has installed at least one healthcare application on their smartphone.

Mobile apps developed specifically for doctors and healthcare providers can significantly reduce patient clinic visits. Doctors prefer to use apps to interact with their patients. The development of mobile apps in medicine and healthcare not only enhances the medical facility but also provides a quicker service.


There is a countless number of brands around the world that use mobile applications for launching new lines of clothes, shoes, makeup and what not! Many application help customers understand the present fashion scene and provide information about the latest product lines by celebrities. Ecommerce is using the potential of mobile apps to the highest level.

Due to the innovation of VR, AR online shopping is transitioning to a new era. Mobile apps developed for furnishing companies let customers visualize their choices. The brilliant 3D graphics have improved the customer experience by leaps and bounds.


A smartphone is like holding the world into the palm of your hands. These devices are the best source to share and gather information for media and entertainment industries. Mobile apps are easy on the pocket when it comes to finding the right solution for your tastes and lifestyle. Frequent updates and user-friendly interfaces make entertainment apps the rulers of the mobile app development market.

What started as news alert systems and went over to accommodate cricket scores the mobile entertainment apps now include music, movies, and television shows. Apps like Netflix have become a necessary part of life for a vast majority of people.

Tourism and Travel

Travel and tourism apps hold a significant position in the mobile app market. Many tourism companies put mobile apps to good use with the goal of enhancing growth and boosting the brand image for the business. The unmatched results provided by developing creative, mobile apps has led to a seismic shift in the tourism industry. Travelers now use a variety of travel apps available to plan their trips in a cost-effective manner.

The weather forecasting, map features, links to hotels, restaurants, shopping places and other elements of a new city helps travelers in a lot of ways. Finding spaces to stay, booking tickets and other features are now collectively added to singular apps.

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