4 WordPress tools you need for your eCommerce website to have a standing

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What Will You Learn?

In this article, you will learn about WordPress tools:

  • The four WordPress tools that can make all the difference for an eCommerce website:
  1. Tickera
  2. WooCommerce
  3. Envira Gallery
  4. Revive Old Post
  • How these tools will make life easier for you
  • How they make your customers happy
  • Which kind of eCommerce businesses the tools are ideal for

A good WordPress tool is one that can integrate with existing WordPress websites. That’s because many eCommerce businesses start off as blogs. Ideally, they are also free to use. Since running an eCommerce business already creates its own expenses, we strive to look for great functionality at little to no cost.

Let us look at the tools one by one:

1.     Tickera

Tickera WordPress plugin


For businesses that sell tickets to their customers, Tickera is a great plugin for several reasons:

  1. You get to keep the money you earn

Have an event that you need to sell tickets for? Use Tickera to get those tickets out from your own website! All transactions are digital, so it is like having a ticket-selling kiosk on your grounds. You won’t even have to give a cut to any third parties and you get to keep the money you earn.

  1. It makes your life easier

Since Tickera is perfectly compatible with most WordPress themes, you won’t just be selling event tickets. You’d be doing so on a beautifully and carefully chosen theme that you use on your own WordPress website. Don’t like those themes? There are more here!

Secondly, you can use the Tickera ticketing system on the day of the event to check in your guests. The app has versions for both iOS and Android platforms, as well as, the Chrome Desktop. Whether you have internet or are offline, you can keep checking the attendees as they arrive.

  1. It makes your customers happy

Customers might start grumbling as soon as they discover that their method of payment isn’t supported. Hassles like these are history with Tickera since it accepts hundreds of payment gateways. More than twenty of the most common ones are even built-in while the rest you can install yourself.

Tickera is great for exhibitions of all kinds, charity balls, and fundraisers organized by eCommerce businesses.

2.     WooCommerce

 WooCommerce WordPress plugin


WooCommerce fills the top spot on many lists of useful WordPress plugins. But before you are awed by its immense functionality and Professional Logo Design, find out if it is the right route for your business!

First things first, most themes and extensions on WooCommerce are free. If you still haven’t found the one you require, there are excellent low-priced options, as well.

Besides that, you can choose from the WooCommerce-constructed themes, like the Boutique theme or one made by others. Either way, you’d end up with an eCommerce store that is completely under your control.

Here are some other advantages:

  1. It is ideally suited to both digital and physical goods

You can also sell goods of all types and sizes with WooCommerce. Have a business that sells multiple variations of a product, like plumbing supplies? Not a problem with WooCommerce. Want to sell affiliate goods? All online marketplaces are now your playground!

  1. It makes your life easier

You can wow your customers by being able to offer all kinds of shipping options, from free to flat rate shipping. WooCommerce even allows you to perform real-time calculations.

  1. It makes your customers happy

Bundled with the acceptance of payments from all major credit cards and other region-specific gateways, WooCommerce will make transactions much easier for your customers!

WooCommerce is well-suited to most kinds of eCommerce stores.

3.     Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery WordPress plugin


When you sell products like clothing or footwear online, a gallery can make a huge difference. Your customers cannot physically visit your store, but they would be able to view their purchases from say, the Leather Skin Shop.

A site on WordPress has many amazing features to offer but creating an image gallery isn’t one of them. For that, you’d need the Envira Gallery plugin. Here are some of its advantages:

  1. Gallery construction takes mere minutes

No more glitchy gallery plugins that take hours to load and set up. The Envira Gallery is highly responsive and adaptable to your workflow. It takes a few minutes to create multiple albums that show off your products in the best possible way.

  1. It makes your life easier

After you have created a photo gallery, you can start sharing the pictures from it on most social media websites. Besides social media integration, Envira also allows you to perform image proofing. Best of all, it is compatible with WooCommerce.

  1. It makes your customers happy

Highly responsive and created to be mobile-friendly, Envira will make browsing easier for your customers. It is optimized to function at maximum speed, so your customers don’t lose interest mid-shopping. Finally, features like pagination, metadata feature, and deep link make it SEO-friendly, as well. It is perfect for clothing stores, footwear selling sites, and many others.

4.     Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post - Auto Post to social Media


Most websites, including eCommerce stores, get more than a third of their referral traffic via social media. This means your business gets exposure to 2 billion potential customers on Twitter and 300 million users on Facebook on a monthly basis!

The more you post on these networks, the better chances you will have of reaching those users.  Revive Old Post is an invaluable plugin when it comes to cashing in the social media check! Some of its best features include:

  1. It drives more traffic your way

That’s because it does it through social media giants. How? By automatically sharing a mixture of new and old publications to Twitter and Facebook from your site.

  1. It makes your life easier

You can schedule the publications and just sit back. They will show up on social media at the appointed time. Each post will include a backlink leading to – you guessed it – your website and relevant hashtags.

  1. It keeps your customers happy

Customers will receive notifications about new products and reminders of their old favorites. Works with most businesses!

There it is, our list of WordPress tools that will give your eCommerce website a standing. Which plugins do you already use? Would you recommend them? How about any others? Share your recommendations with us!

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