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Most people that choose WordPress for building their online business, blog, or website do so for the versatility offered by this platform. It’s effortless to customize the themes and create the perfect layout for your website in WordPress even if you’re not a programmer, and you don’t know CSS by heart. Currently, there are more than 75 million websites build with WordPress, so you can imagine it has become quite a frequent target for hackers. And while the standard WordPress security isn’t the best, adding some plugins dedicated to keeping your WordPress site safe will keep you safe from any trouble in the long run.

To make your choice more comfortable for you when exploring various WordPress Security Plugins, we’ve reviewed the most popular ones and reduced the list to 5 plugins that you should definitely check out if you want to improve the security of your WordPress website.

Sucuri Security – Strengthen WordPress’ Defenses

One of the most popular WordPress security plugins, Sucuri Security, can be downloaded for free to test its essential features and convince yourself it’s what you need for your website. However, for accessing the more advanced features and enjoying the best WordPress security plugin, you will need to upgrade to the paid version of the plugin.

However, if you only need limited functionality and you don’t store sensitive content on your website, even the free version can provide the right level of security while making sure you’re not in danger of being hacked. In the free version, you get blacklist monitoring, file integrity monitoring, activity auditing, and security hardening.

The paid version adds features like a DNS-level firewall with built-in CDN for your website that is very efficient at keeping all kinds of threats away while not slowing down your site. Higher pricing plans give you protection against DDoS attacks as well and many other features.

WordFence Security

You don’t have to keep asking yourself “how to protect WordPress website from various attacks?”. WordFence is another excellent answer to that question, just in case Sucuri Security seems a bit too complicated for your needs. This incredible security plugin for WordPress users offers power and flexibility at the same time. From the moment you install the plugin, you will be prompted for an email address where you will receive constant security alerts. The dashboard of WordFence Security is very neatly executed so that it can be easily operated even by users without lots of experience in security plugins. Figuring out your way around the dashboard is as easy as playing kostenfreie spiele on your mobile phone.

Besides providing real-time protection for your website, this security plugin comes with a beneficial feature – tracking the traffic on your website. In these reports, you will be able to easily see if anyone attempted to penetrate your site or understand precisely where your website traffic is coming from. The premium version of WordFence also comes with an IP blacklist, spam filtering, and the ability, so schedule scans whenever you want to.

All in One – WP Security and Firewall

If you want to make sure you cover all the potential threats towards your WordPress site, going for an all-round security plugin with a firewall is a great idea. And All in One is built to excel at this job accurately. The best part about it is that it is 100% free, and you get plenty of features like securing user accounts, the PHP code, a blacklist tool, and firewall protection all in one.

Furthermore, this security plugin is excellent at detecting malicious code inserted into your website, shielding you from spammy comments, offering IP filtering, or set up backups. On top of all that, you also get a tidy WordPress dashboard from where you have complete control over the security features of your website.


SecuPress is another top-quality security plugin for WordPress. WordPress plugin can offer light protection for users choosing the free version, or a full-on iron curtain for those that prefer the premium version. Developed in 2016, this security plugin has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users already, and besides the top-notch functions, its UI helped a lot to achieve this status.

In its free version, the SecuPress offers the ability to block IPs, anti-brute force login, and a robust firewall. However, these functions can be found in pretty much any free security plugin out there. What makes this one special is the protection for security keys, the ability to block bots from visiting your website, and the constant scans to identify and fix weak points.

When upgraded to the premium version, you unlock the real power of SecuPress. You receive a 35-point thorough security check, 2FA, blocking by geographic location, and an in-depth PHP malware scan. Furthermore, the premium version can scan other plugins that make your website more vulnerable to attacks.

MalCare Security – WordPress Firewall and Security

If you don’t just want to add security to your WordPress website, but you also want to make sure your security solutions are also GDPR-compliant, the MalCare Security plugin is what you need. Unfortunately, you won’t find this plugin in a free version. However, every penny spent on it is totally worth it since it keeps your website safe and keeps you away from any potential GDPR fines as well.

You get a malware removal system that is entirely automated, a secure firewall, and top-notch blacklist monitoring. Daily scans and periodic checks for weak spots make MalCare security an excellent alternative for keeping your WordPress online store safe.

These are the best 5 WordPress security plugins that our experts identified on the market right now. We kept a balance between plugins available in both free and premium versions so that everyone can find the proper fit for them. We encourage our readers that tested various WordPress plugins to share their experience and let others know what they think about keeping WordPress sites safe. image source

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