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Having an online entity is necessary in today’s world. If you are running any business or organization or any institute, there is always a need of online entity by which we mean a website. Most of the websites are developed by using the WordPress framework. It offers numerous themes for several categories. The one which we are talking about is the educational websites. If you are looking for the best educational WordPress theme for your website then you are at the right spot. Stay with us and read a review of a Student WordPress theme which comes with all the premium features that bring out a very responsive, attractive and appealing website.

Keeping the unique features that are necessary for the educational websites in mind Student WordPress theme in introduced with better optimized code, interactive interfaces and provides a lot of options to customize it as per desires. In the review, we are going to look deeper inside Student WordPress theme to come up with an overview for the readers who are looking for developing an educational website and needs an appropriate theme. As the premium things cannot be free but they can be with a very affordable price. So, Student offers it all features in just $29 that is very much less comparative to its number of features. At the end of the review, we will provide a comparison with the WordPress themes that are designed for the same purpose then the choice will be in your hands to make a wise decision.

Student WordPress theme is available at with an average rating of 4.2 / 5.0 and has done over 50 sales with 100% positive feedback from the users. Let’s dive in and check out features that are being offered by Student theme to get a clear idea of what the customers will get in return of their paid price. Again, we are mentioning that in front of the services and features that Student WordPress theme brings to you the price is nothing.


Compatibility with browsers:

As the web surfers can use any browsers that are available in the market that’s why Student WordPress theme is compatible with majority of the web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and latest versions of Internet Explorer too.

Compatibility with WordPress versions:

WordPress versions are easily available and if you are going to design a new website that most probably you will choose the latest version of WordPress. However if you are using an older version of WordPress that’s fine too because Student WordPress theme is compatible with WordPress versions from 4.0 to 5.0 that means you cannot become handicap because of the WordPress version compatibility with theme.


Responsiveness is the key feature that all the users are concerned with. Like all the popular WordPress themes, Student is also a highly responsive and interactive and offers an engaging interfaces to the visitors.

Compatibility with WooCommerce:

Student theme is compatible with WooCommerce. Therefor if you are going to design an educational website that retail the services or products, Student WordPress theme will be the best option for you.

Support services:

Support services are another big concern of the users who purchases the WordPress themes. Student WordPress theme offers a support services. Authors are always available to answer the submitted queries. If you got an issue or a bug then no need to worry, just submit your query and the support will offer its services to accommodate your needs.

Beside these features, Student WordPress theme provide a variety of unique and attractive features which cannot be covered in a precise review. Just to bring you an overview of how much this theme is offering to its users lets go and compare other WordPress themes features with Student theme.

The Top themes which are currently running in the market includes these four:

  • Education World WordPress Theme
  • Educon, Education WordPress Theme
  • Ibble, Creative Education WordPress Theme
  • Kalvi Education, A Learning Management System

First of all the price should be the main concern for the new users who are looking for a premium educational website theme. All these four which are up in the market are costly starting from $49 to $199. Within this price range they offer several services and features in their themes. Student WordPress Theme is providing all these premium features with less cost. After getting this point a rational user should make a wise choice by selecting Student Theme over other costly WordPress themes.

The competitors have more sales and the reason is as they have been launched earlier than the Student WordPress theme. However, the ratings of these themes are quite similar with that of Student WordPress Theme has. This makes it clear that according to the user feedback’s there is nothing more offered by other themes that lack Student WordPress theme.

So, if a user is getting all the premium feature pack in one theme, with full 24/7 support from the technical persons and it only costs few bucks then there is no choice left for saying NO to Student WordPress theme. The one thing due to which the Student Theme took a lead in the race is the range of customization offered to the users. Other themes are providing limited options to the users to customize the theme and there are very few customized templates of particular WordPress themes as compatible to the Student WordPress theme. Take a chance, buy it and use it and feel the difference of what other themes are missing when providing the services to their valuable users.

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