8 Passwords Managers to Secure Digital Life

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Passwords are indispensable if you wish to protect your data; however, remembering passwords for different email accounts and platforms may not be an easy task at all. This is where password managers come in; these can help you to keep all your passwords safe from hackers. When a password manager is well-designed, it can make, store and recall multiple passwords promptly. You are free to create strong passwords for all accounts and you do not have to memorize any of them also.

With a Dashlane coupon you can get a reliable password manager for much lower cost. Without password managers it is rather hard to keep passwords secure. And if anyone can successfully hack your account or guess the password, they will automatically get access to every other account you own. Here are some of the most popular password managers today:

  1. Dashlane: Dashlane has made a name for itself as one of the best-known password managers in modern times. It has a high-end security structure and is accessible across all kinds of browsers and platforms. It is popular because of its user-friendliness and ease of use. It allows you to store multiple passwords under one roof; it also monitors your online security and warns you of imminent dangers. You can securely store private information as well as payment card details.
  2. 1Password: This is a free password manager allowing you to store all your passwords in one place so that these do not get lost. Password vaults can be synchronized using iCloud or Dropbox. What makes this password manager different from others is the feature that you can have a family account that enables you to share password vaults secretly with other family members, and also control who gets to make any changes to the passwords.
  3.  LastPass: This is a reliable password manager for encrypting multiple passwords and syncing them across devices. All passwords generated by it are securely stored inside a locked-down vault. This tool has many features like dual-step verification, locally-stored master password, SHA-256, auto-fill web forms and restricted login to specified countries.
  4. Splikity: This is a useful password manager which offers you a rather straightforward means to manage passwords online and in mobile devices. All your passwords can be saved by it and synced across all your devices. This password manager can automatically fill in your usernames and passwords; you can share login with friends via emails without disclosing your password.
  5. Enpass: The desktop version of this popular password manager is free of cost and it will not restrict you on the numbers of password entries. You can use Enpass for storing passwords and to get auto-fill forms. The passwords are kept inside the encrypted vault and safeguarded by the AES-256. You are free to install the two-step authentication if you want for extra security, by using eye or facial recognition, or fingerprint identification. You can even share passwords with multiple users through a pre-shared key.
  6. Keeper: As the name suggests this offer features securing multiple passwords and works just like a filing cabinet that comes with a lock-and-key. Passwords here are organized according to type inside a category folder. You can share password account data and entire folders with Keeper owners through email invites. This tool is supported by two-factor authentication and you will be able to access it in every important system. It is free and simple to use having a built-in password generator and auto-fill feature.
  7. Password Boss: You may use this password manager for filling up web forms besides storing your passwords securely. It provides dual-factor authentication and multi-factor authentication, solid customer support and you can not only store multiple passwords in it, but also access them using different devices.
  8. Robo Form: This is very popular for keeping all your passwords secure. Not only will it help you come up with unique and strong passwords, but also provide a smart form-filler that is time-saving. The tool is compatible with most browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Explorer. Data can be synchronized in the cloud and you can get back-ups for all passwords. Besides password storage, it will also store notes, credit card details, identities, bookmarks, contacts, and non-browser applications.

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