5 Common Issues Developers Face During Mobile App Development

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Mobile app development has significantly increased within the past couple of years. Mobile apps serve as the best way of digital marketing medium to target a much wider audience than what is possible with traditional ways. Many businesses now spend a good amount of money when developing apps, who understand why it’s crucial to develop mobile apps. However, the creation of new apps doesn’t come with only its positivity but also have some hurdles and challenges that developers face during the development phase that can significantly impact the way an app is produced. Extensive research has to be done to overcome challenges during the development stage.

Constructive Approach

With the existence of aggressive competition, it sometimes becomes developers to choose between a variety of tools and platforms to develop mobile apps. Mobile apps published in app stores exist in millions that makes it crucial for business owners to ensure they develop an application such that is unique, promotes brand recognition and gives the user a seamless experience. Moreover, before proceeding with development, is essential to make sure of the nature of business and plans to decide what kind of app to develop. Startups might choose to build apps first that are web-based, later converting it to mobile-based, due to budget constraints.

Responsive Design

Designing and developing apps for a range of different screen sizes on smartphones is a difficult and daunting task for developers to achieve. Every company wants its user to have a good first impression that reflects upon the quality of professional developers. This makes it crucial to lay down a concrete and flexible foundation in a way that allows applications to work across multiple platforms such as Android or IOS, every platform having their own set of operational procedures that an expert developer is aware of. Cheap app developers NYC, have experts trained in cross-platform development technologies suited to meet the needs of a much wider audience.

Engage The Target Audience

There is a considerable difference between a good application and a successful application. A good application can be defined as interactive, providing a fully functional app but that, does not target the relevant target audience can make an app disappear from the market place in a couple of months. On the other hand, successful apps do the same as what a good app does, but due to appropriately targeting and engaging the audience can ensure longevity, that’s good for a business’s reputation and receiving a good amount of ROI. It becomes important for businesses to win the attention of potential customers by involving effective marketing strategies to penetrate the market effectively.

Reduce Page Load Time

Every user wants to run an application that doesn’t lag in performance for saving its battery consumption as well. This is one of the key challenges that developers face when developing applications. A wide range of smartphones has its own set of capabilities about its specifications such as RAM, battery, processor power and some other additional factors, that developers need to keep in mind during the development phase. It can be a big downturn for users who receive a buggy and sluggish application, plus creating user frustration with the intended work not done. Cheap app developers NYC, produce beta builds and prototypes to gather feedback and check performance statistics to further release stable builds.

Minimalistic Designing

An overcrowded screen filled with images, animations, video graphics, and some other elements can make a screen unappealing and unattractive to users. Developers find this a challenge when designing and developing applications. As a developer, he will understand everything that does not mean a normal user will know the same too. Developer’s mindset varies to a greater length than someone who is not aware of the technicalities involved, having ongoing processes and operations, making it difficult for users to understand. Adopting a more minimalistic approach is imperative for developers to help users with ease of navigation across a website, building an application in a way that has guidelines, for users to be directed to the relevant and intended information

Cheap app developers NYC utilizes the factors stated above that ensure developers build application keeping user-centric approach in mind, meeting their requirements and providing them with a seamless and fluid experience across all operating systems.

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